Five Star Collision Center is proud to be a Subaru certified collision center.


Our facility has received the proper training required by Subaru and have the specialized equipment necessary to restore your vehicle to its original factory specifications. We have the ability to recalibrate the components of your vehicle accurately and use genuine Subaru OEM factory parts to ensure a proper fit, function, and appearance.

As a member of the Subaru certified collision repair network, our facility is committed to providing high-quality repairs and services that adhere to the strict standards and procedures for safety and reliability that are required by the manufacturer. Earning certification from Subaru is not easy. The collision center must meet and continue to maintain all of the stringent criteria required by Subaru to guarantee quality control for all services rendered.

When you bring your vehicle to Five Star Collision Center, you can be sure that you will be getting genuine OEM Subaru factory parts and services performed by a certified Subaru collision center. Our facility is authorized and capable of making repairs, performing pre- and post-repair diagnostic scans, and recalibrating your vehicle to the original equipment specifications. Our goal is to help you get your Subaru back to like-new condition after a collision and have the confidence in knowing that you can depend on the safety and performance of your vehicle.

To learn more about our Subaru certified collision center, contact our customer service department at 508-636-3152.

Why Certified Subaru Factory Parts Matter

When it comes to taking care of your Subaru, don't settle for anything less than genuine OEM Subaru factory parts. There are lots of companies that make aftermarket parts that are designed to work with multiple makes and models of vehicles, with a one-size-fits-all approach. Unfortunately, this can negatively impact the performance and safety of your vehicle, significantly reducing its lifespan and dependability. Subaru factory parts are designed specifically for your vehicle and provide long-lasting quality, reliability, and function. They are safety-tested and engineered to meet the same strict standards as the original parts of your vehicle. This approach is just as crucial for auto body repair work as it is for engine and system maintenance and repairs to ensure compatibility and a proper fit.

Why Choosing a Certified Repair Facility is Important

The only way to make sure that your Subaru is properly maintained and repaired is to work with a Certified Repair Facility, like Five Star Collision Center. Our certified Subaru collision repair facility is authorized and capable of making repairs to the Subaru exclusive technologies, engines, advanced driver assistance systems, as well as safety and security systems to ensure proper calibration and servicing. When you work with a certified Subaru repair facility, you know that your vehicle is being properly repaired and maintained to protect your investment and the safety of you and your passengers.

Why Scanning and Recalibration is Essential for a Subaru

Subaru requires their certified facilities to perform pre- and post-repair diagnostic checks on all vehicles dating back to their 2004 models that have been in a collision. The purpose of this approach is to reveal any performance or safety issues that might not be functioning correctly in the vehicle. The diagnostics operations help our facility identify any problems that require attention and provide the customer with a comprehensive repair process. The post-repair scan is necessary to ensure that the malfunctioning items are fully repaired and that there are no remaining issues that might have been overlooked. A second scan also helps to guarantee that all post-repair calibrations have been performed appropriately, to ensure the function of various technologies and systems included in Subaru vehicles.

It is your right to have your Subaru repaired at the facility of your choosing. However, because of the unique technologies, safety, and performance systems that make the Subaru one of the most advanced vehicles on the road, it is in your best interest to choose a facility that is certified by Subaru to perform authorized repairs with OEM factory parts. Five Star Collision Center can provide Subaru owners with top quality repairs, maintenance, and services designed by the original equipment manufacturer to increase the life, safety, and dependability of their vehicles.